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yuchai l52qa-1002460a genuine v-belt idle gear components l52qa-1002460a yuchai diesel engine for yutong cars

Packaging Details:Original package
Delivery Detail:Within 7 days after payment

yuchai l52qa-1002460a genuine v-belt idle gear components l52qa-1002460a yuchai diesel engine for yutong cars yuchai l52qa-1002460a genuine v-belt idle gear components l52qa-1002460a yuchai diesel engine for yutong cars

Quick Details

  • Place of Origin: Guangxi
  • Brand Name: Yuchai
  • Model Number: L52QA-1002460A
  • Warranty: 3 Months
  • Brand name: Yuchai
  • Part No.: L52QA-1002460A
  • Patent No.: 200730156955.7
  • Quantity: 1 PC/Box
  • Package: Original package

Detailed Product Description:


Product Description

Yuchai diesel engine V-belt Idle Gear Components L52QA-1002460A 


yuchai l52qa-1002460a genuine v-belt idle gear components l52qa-1002460a yuchai diesel engine for yutong cars


yuchai l52qa-1002460a genuine v-belt idle gear components l52qa-1002460a yuchai diesel engine for yutong cars


yuchai l52qa-1002460a genuine v-belt idle gear components l52qa-1002460a yuchai diesel engine for yutong cars


Packaging & Shipping

Packaging Detail:  pp/ carton boxes/ wood boxes


Delivery Detail :  within 7 days after payment

Our Services

1.Customers first


2.Priority to quality of service


3.No delaying shipment

Company Information

Our products range: 


(1) Dongfeng truck, Liberation trucks and heavy truck parts. 


(2) Cummins engine: 4b, 6b, 6c, 6i series, EFI engine, ISBE, ISZ, QSZ series, engine assembly and pure spare parts.


(3) Various bridge,chassis parts and transmission parts. 


(4) Dongfeng commercial vehicle Renault DCI11 and EQ4H series engine and

spare parts. 


(5) Engine assembly and spare parts of the Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd.

and Chaoyang Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. 


(6) Spare parts of Kinlong bus and Yutong passenger car .


yuchai l52qa-1002460a genuine v-belt idle gear components l52qa-1002460a yuchai diesel engine for yutong cars


yuchai l52qa-1002460a genuine v-belt idle gear components l52qa-1002460a yuchai diesel engine for yutong cars

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150-1002026(H)Cylinder liner
150-1002041AIdle gear
150-1002045Idle gear wear plate
150-1002052BTension pulley
150-1002058Bearing cover
150-1002061ARear oil seal seat
150-1002063BRear oil seal seat gasket
150-1002073Camshaft cover
1531-1002100BTension pulley bracket weldments
1584-1002090AOil dipstick weldments
186-1002056AAdjusting bolt
186-1002120Tension pulley components
191-1002055CTension pulley shaft
191-1002056Adjusting bolt
231-1002033Gear housing cover plate
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2530-1002033Gear housing cover plate
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2530-1002201Gear housing
2530-1002201AGear housing
330-1002018AFront main bearing bolt
330-1002033CTiming gear house front cover plate
330-1002037CAir compressor bracket
330-1002051ATiming idle gear
330-1002052BIdle gear shaft
330-1002054Timing idle gear baffle
330-1002064BCylinder liner
330-1002114*-PCylinder block components
330-1002150Pressure regulating valve components
330-1002203Timing gear house front cover plate
374-1002031ATiming gear housing/chamber
374-1002122Tension pulley
430-1002072Body water inlet manifold joint
430-1002150Pressure regulating valve components
430-1002170FNozzle weldments
430D-1002031Timing gear housing/chamber
474-1002124ATension pulley shaft
474-1002140ATension pulley bracket weldments
475D-1002071BOil return manifold joint
530-1002026C(H)Cylinder liner
530-1002029Camshaft cover
530-1002110ATension pulley components
530-1002501Crankshaft rear oil seal seat
6105Q-1002090COil dipstick weldments
6105Q-1002150Pressure regulating valve components
6105QA-1002011-PCamshaft bush/sleeve
630-1002063Cylinder liner water seal ring
630-1002090Oil dipstick components
6QA1-1002174Manifold joint
6QA1-1002180Front suspension bolster assembly
6QA6-1002203Gear housing cover plate
A0J00-1002940Air compressor idle gear components
A1300-1002106Cylinder liner
A3000-1002031BTiming gear housing/chamber
A3000-1002033ATiming gear housing/chamber cover plate
A3000-1002063B*Cylinder liner water seal ring
A3000-1002360Idle gear components
A3008-1002031Timing gear housing
A30-1002015PCylinder block components
A30-1002021Main bearing cover bolt
A30-1002064(H)Cylinder liner
A3100-1002011-PCamshaft sleeve/bush
A3100-1002052Idle gear shaft
A3100-1002054ATiming idle gear baffle
A3100-1002064Cylinder liner
A3100-1002102Camshaft cover
A3100-1002103Camshaft cover gasket
A3100-1002170Nozzle weldments
A3100-1002170A-PCylinder block components
A3200-1002445Bracket mounting plate
A68YF-1002450Tension pulley components
A8300-1002106Cylinder liner
A8300-1002170-PCylinder block components
A88-1002171Front suspension left bracket
A88-1002172Front suspension right bracket
B0100-1002201AGear housing
B30-1002032Gear housing washer/gasket
B30-1002033Gear housing cover plate
B30-1002034Gear housing cover plate washer/gasket
B30-1002036Fuel injection pump gear cover gasket
B30-1002038AAir compressor gear cover
B30-1002039BAir compressor cover plate gasket
B7VG1-1002203Gear housing cover plate
B8800-1002201CGear housing
B8800-1002202BGear housing gasket
B8800-1002206Fuel injection pump gear cover gasket
B8800-1002262Hydraulic pump driving spline
B8800-1002740Nozzle assembly
B8860-1002201AGear housing
BA100-1002063B*-4Cylinder liner water seal ring
BA100-1002064Cylinder liner
BJ100-1002106Cylinder liner
CL100-1002103Camshaft cover gasket
D2000-1002170A-PCylinder block components
D2000-1002360Idle gear components
D30-1002031CTiming gear housing
D30-1002052Idle gear shaft
D30-1002054Timing idle gear baffle
D30-1002064BCylinder liner
D30-1002120-PCamshaft sleeve/bush
D30-1002201Gear housing
D30-1002210DV-belt idle gear components
D30-1002360Idle gear components
D30-1002740Nozzle weldments
E0200-1002201Gear housing
E0203-1002071Front suspension left bracket
E0203-1002071-YTFront and left bracket
E0203-1002072AFront suspension right bracket
E0400-1002170Nozzle weldments
E0601-1002180Front suspension bolster assembly
E2100-1002450Tension pulley components
E25QA-1002450Tension pulley components
E25YD-1002450Tension pulley components
E2700-1002106(I)Cylinder liner
E2700-1002243Air compressor front cover plate gasket
E3000-1002170-PCylinder block processing components
E3600-1002204Gear housing cover plate washer/gasket
E4300-1002202Gear housing washer/gasket
F2000-1002202Gear housing washer/gasket
F2000-1002203AGear housing cover plate
F2000-1002205Fuel injection pump gear cover
F3000-1002106BCylinder liner
F3000-1002107B*Cylinder liner water seal ring
F3000-1002120-PCamshaft sleeve/bush
F3000-1002126AMain bearing cover short vice bolt
F3000-1002127BMain bearing cover long vice bolt
F3000-1002170Cylinder block components
F3000-1002307Idle gear baffle
F3000-1002700-ZH1Nozzle assembly
F3000-1002740BNozzle assembly
F3100-1002201DGear housing cover plate
F3100-1002205BAdvancer cover plate
F3100-1002206Fuel injection pump gear cover gasket
F3100-1002450Tension pulley components
F50D1-1002201CGear housing
F6000-1002106ACylinder liner
F7200-1002301Idle gear
FA100-1002106B(II)Cylinder liner
FA100-1002107C*Cylinder liner water seal ring
FA100-1002170ACylinder block components
FBC00-1002106ACylinder liner
FC700-1002106(II)Cylinder liner
FC799-1002450Tension pulley components
FC7YA-1002450Tension pulley components
FW500-1002213Gear housing cover gasket
G0100-1002026(H)Cylinder liner
G0100-1002026BV1Steel cylinder liner
G0100-1002026BV2Steel cylinder liner
G0100-1002031CGear house
G0100-1002061ACrankshatf rear oil seal seat
G0100-1002118BMain bearing cover bolt
G0100-1002170Nozzle weldments
G0100-1002401Tension pulley
G0108-1002072AFront and right bracket
G0206-1002038AAir compressor gear cover
G1000-1002106V2(A)Cylinder liner
G1000-1002450Tension pulley components
G1A00-1002203Gear housing cover plate
G2000-1002015B*-P2Cylinder block components
G2000-1002015C*-P2Cylinder block components
G2100-1002202Gear housing washer/gasket
G2100-1002203Gear housing cover plate
G2100-1002350Big idle gear components
G2100-1002G10Injection pump idle gear
G3E00-1002203Gear housing cover
G3GGC-1002035Fuel injection pump gear cover
G3K00-1002201AGear housing 
G3K00-1002212Gear housing cover plate
G5800-1002114A*-P2Cylinder block components
G5800-1002235Bolt M10*100
G5800-1002304Idle gear shaft bolt
G5800-1002306Idle gear shaft
G5800-1002360Idle gear components
G5A00-1002203BIdle gear cover
G5A00-1002940Air compressor idle gear components
G5AYS-1002450Tension pulley components
G6000-1002031Gear housing
G6000-1002203AGear housing cover
G6000-1002304Idle gear shaft bolt
G6000-1002306Idle gear shaft
G6000-1002307Idle gear baffle
GA300-1002940Air compressor idle gear components
J0100-1002106Cylinder liner
J020A-1002460V-belt idle gear components
J1000-1002170-PCylinder block components
J3300-1002064ACylinder liner
J3314-1002203Gear housing cover plate
J3608-1002120Tension pulley
J3608-1002203AGear housing cover plate
J3608-1002208Steering pump gear
J3608-1002301Timing idle gear
J3802-1002212Belt pulley
J410B-1002180Front suspension bolster assembly
J4208-1002400ATension pulley components
J5600-1002052Idle gear shaft
J5600-1002106Cylinder liner
J5600-1002170-PCylinder block components
J5600-1002203EGear housing cover plate
J5600-1002311Wear plate
J5600-1002370FIdle gear lubrication oil pipe
J5600-1002740Nozzle weldments
J6000-1002170-PCylinder block components
J62YS-1002450Tension pulley components
J63YF-1002450Tension pulley components
J63YF-1002460V-belt idle gear components
K2000-1002203Gear housing cover plate
K2000-1002203AGear housing cover plate
K2000-1002700ANozzle assembly
K2305-1002203Gear housing cover plate
K6000-1002118Main bearing cover bolt
K6000-1002202BGear housing washer/gasket
K6000-1002208Crankshaft front oil seal
K6000-1002350A-ZH5Big idle gear components
K6000-1002460V-belt idle gear components
K6000-1002470AV-belt idle gear components
K6000-1002480Tension pulley components
K6000-1002505BCrankshaft front oil seal seat
KJ100-1002172Bowl type plug
L3000-1002011-PCamshaft sleeve/bush
L3000-1002034Timing gear housing cover gasket
L3000-1002051Timing idle gear
L3000-1002063Cylinder liner water seal ring
L3000-1002084AAir compressor idle gear block
L3000-1002106B(R)Cylinder liner
L3000-1002106C(Ⅱ)Cylinder liner
L3000-1002106D(Ⅱ)Cylinder liner
L3000-1002110AOil return manifold weldments
L3000-1002114C*-PCylinder block components
L3000-1002118Main bearing cover bolt
L3000-1002170A-PCylinder block components
L3000-1002170CNozzle weldments
L3000-1002201DGear housing
L3000-1002203AGear housing cover
L3001-1002032ATiming gear housing gasket
L3001-1002033BTiming gear housing cover plate
L3001-1002034Timing gear housing cover gasket
L3001-1002201AGear housing
L3100-1002170A-PCylinder block components
L3100-1002201EGear housing
L37LA-1002205DFuel injection pump gear cover
L3EL1-1002450Tension pulley components
L4700-1002170A-PCylinder block components
L52QA-1002460AV-belt idle gear components
L53YC-1002880Oil return manifold weldments
L6200-1002450Tension pulley components
L64DB-1002203Gear housing cover
L6AL1-1002201AGear housing 
LMEMA-1002450Tension pulley components
LN100-1002201AGear housing
M1000-1002106Cylinder liner
M1000-1002114A*Cylinder block components
M1000-1002132*Cylinder liner water seal ring
M1100-1002450Tension pulley components
M1300-1002106Cylinder liner
M3000-1002108*Cylinder liner water seal ring
M3000-1002118AMain bearing bolt
M3000-1002700BNozzle assembly
M3001-1002440BBracket weldments
M3001-1002450ATension pulley components
M3015-1002170BCylinder block components
M3400-1002350EBig idle gear components
M3400-1002640Oil dipstick components
M3400-1002A01Oil Fill-up Vent Gasket
M6000-1002450ATension pulley components
M6600-1002450Tension pulley components
M7000-1002A41AOil fill-up vent flange
M8000-1002106Cylinder liner
MH200-1002511AFront oil seal block cover plate
MJ100-1002106SF3(Ⅱ)Cylinder liner
MJ100-1002107*Cylinder liner water seal ring
MK100-1002106ACylinder liner
MKA00-1002106Cylinder liner
MKA00-1002740Nozzle assembly
MS40D-1002460V-belt idle gear components
S2000-1002106(H)Cylinder liner
S2000-1002450Tension pulley components
S2000-1002460V-belt idle gear components
S2000-1002700Nozzle assembly
S5000-1002202Gear housing washer/gasket
T8000-1002700Nozzle assembly
T9000-1002106CCylinder liner
T9000-1002107A*Cylinder liner water seal ring
T9000-1002162CFront tappet housing cover plate gasket
T9000-1002163CRear tappet housing cover plate gasket
T9000-1002350Big idle gear components
T9000-1002F40Middle idle gear components
T9000-1002G01Injection pump idle gear shaft
T9000-1002G40Injection pump idle gear components
TD100-1002106SF1Cylinder liner



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