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warranty 2 years industrial sludge dewatering machine

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warranty 2 years industrial sludge dewatering machine warranty 2 years industrial sludge dewatering machine


Quick Details

  • Place of Origin: Jiangsu
  • Brand Name: Benenv
  • Model Number: MDS 312
  • Brand origin: Japan
  • Material: Stainless steel 304
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Service life: >15 years
  • Application: Food processing ...
  • Motor: Bauer, Nissei, SEW
  • PLC: Schneider
  • Certificate: ISO 9000, CE Cer...
  • Operate: 24 hours automatic r...

Detailed Product Description:

With ISO9000 & CE certificates, the industrial sewage treatment devices Multi-disk Screw Press developed by Benenv follows the dewatering principles of force-water current, thin-layer dewatering, moderate pressure and extension of the sludge dewatering path. It is able to treat low concentration sludge and oily sludge effectively, with low energy consumption and easy operation. This Multi-plate Screw Press realizes an energy-efficiently sludge dewatering.


Functional Principle:
Layers of spacers, fixed and moving rings construct the dewatering cylinder. Moving rings, which are slightly smaller than the outer diameter of the screw and slightly narrower than the spacers, are located between the fixed rings. Edge of the screw pushes these moving rings in continuous circular motion.
The moving rings continuously clean sludge out of the gaps, prevents clogging and reduces the use of rinsing water.

 Features and advantages:

1. One-in-all design, fits in small facility

Multi-Disk Screw Press adopted the unified structure that serves two functions, thickening and dewatering in the single machinery. The secret lies in the self-cleaning mechanism. The drum filter, because of the clog-free, realizes higher speed of filtering phenomena per filtering area as compared to other methods, and the sludge is instantly thickened by gravity. For this reason, low concentration sludge of about Total Solids 0.2%, as well as thickened sludge, can be directly fed without pre-thickening.


Traditional way of sludge treatment


warranty 2 years industrial sludge dewatering machine


warranty 2 years industrial sludge dewatering machine

2. Applicable to sludge in various kinds of applications 

  • Municipal water and wastewater treatment plants
  • Agricultural/fishery community wastewater treatment plants
  • Industrial waste treatment plants
  • Food/beverage production plants
  • Dairy farming/Meat processing plants
  • Chemicals manufacturing plants
  • Machinery manufacturing/Metal processing plants
  • Laundry wastewater
  • Industrial sewage treatment 
  • Other waster treatment (paper manufacturing, building material manufacturing, oilfield associated water accompanied with crude oil mining, etc.)

3. Wide range of line-up/Small footprint  


The model of sludge dewatering press based on the customer needs can be selected from a wide range of line-up, from a super-small 0.5 kg-DS/h throughput to a large 780 kg-DS/h throughput. Likewise, sludge thickeners can be selected from 1 m3 to 90 m3/h capacity.



It can be installed in places where placement would not be possible with other technologies for reasons such as low building ceilings or limited area. Therefore, the construction cost of a large building for installation is not required. This makes Multi-Disk Screw Press suitable to customers who are considering the replacement of existing dewatering equipment.



4. Easy operation/Easy maintenance



Full automatic 24-hour operation without an operator on-site is possible with automatic operation control using various sensors. With this function, manual operation, such as starting or stopping, is not required. Moreover, daily maintenance is minimized, requires no skilled labor neither special knowledge, so that everybody can use it easily.


5. Power and water saving


The screw which is the main component of Volute rotates very slowly at a rate of 2 to 4 rpm, so that it consumes very low power and thus economical. When comparing Volute with centrifuge for 30 kg-DS/h throughput, the power consumption of Volute is 1/20th of centrifuge which requires rotation at high speed.

warranty 2 years industrial sludge dewatering machine


Multi-Disk Screw Press prevents filter mesh from clogging with its unique self-cleaning mechanism, removing the need for huge amounts of water for clogging prevention. When compared with dewatering equipment of the same throughput, the amount of cleaning water required for Multi-Disk Screw Press is about 1/115th of belt press and about 1/12th of conventional screw press.





 warranty 2 years industrial sludge dewatering machine

Case Study


Project a pharmaceutical factory in Shandong province


warranty 2 years industrial sludge dewatering machine


warranty 2 years industrial sludge dewatering machine


Detailed advantages of multi-disk screw press over other manufacturer


1.       Over All Unit

The multi-disk screw press is made of Ss304 material, with smooth surface. Laser cutting technique ensures the evenness of machine surface. We use brand new steel plate on our machine instead of cheap materials used by some other suppliers. Fine welding and surface polish are done to the multi-disk screw press, which you can see it in our workshop.

In details, we adopt user-friendly design. We use cap screw in case of scratch in disoperation. And even the cross walls use laser cutting to ensure horizontal evenness.

warranty 2 years industrial sludge dewatering machine



2.       Rings

To ensure the flatness of all the rings, we have 2 steps of process, the mechanical shaping and manual shaping. First of all, mechanical shaping is done to the rings by imported processing equipment from Switzerland. Then manual shaping is done to control the deviation of evenness under 0.01mm. Beveling is done after shaping, in order to increase contacting area between screw shaft and the rings, and promote wastewater treatment efficiency thus increase service life of rings and screw.

warranty 2 years industrial sludge dewatering machine

3.       Handle

No details no success. The design of our handle you can see what we’ve devoted to our products. Spacers are fixed at the bottom of the handle, and the handle is suitable for workers with gloves to operate.

warranty 2 years industrial sludge dewatering machine

4.       Control Cabinet

The components of control cabinet we use Schneide, OmroThe display screen is touch screen, which is easy for operation.


warranty 2 years industrial sludge dewatering machine

5.       Pipe Clamp

C type tank is suitable for placement of pipe clamp, easy for installation.

warranty 2 years industrial sludge dewatering machine


6.       Spray Tube and Nozzle

Spray tube uses Ss304 stainless steel, mirror polished.

The nozzle part. It took us a lot of efforts to find a professional nozzle supplier who can supply good-quality nozzles, and finally we choose IKEUCHI. Its nozzles can achieve well-distributed spray, can achieve solid cone effect, which is better than stainless steel nozzles suppliers we used to have, but the price tripled.

warranty 2 years industrial sludge dewatering machine


7.       Solenoid Valve

We use ASCO solenoid valve, the famous American solenoid valve manufacturer as the solenoid valve is easily break down, owing to repeatedly open and close, so we choose the solenoid valve with best quality, but the price is 30 times of ordinary solenoid valve.

warranty 2 years industrial sludge dewatering machine

8.       UPVC Tube

The UPVC tube is a kind of high intensive tube, can be resistant to 16kg pressure. It branded Youli Shanghai, the best domestic tube brand.

warranty 2 years industrial sludge dewatering machine

9.       Cables

We use Far Eastcable, famous brand in China.


10.   Screw Shaft

Tungsten carbide coating are done to the screw shaft surface. The hardness can reach HRC 71, most of manufacturers do not have this treatment process, some of the manufacturers will do surface overlaying, alloy overlaying welding, or tungsten carbide welding, its hardness can reach HRC 55-60.

The blade of screw shaft also get chamfering process treatment, to match with the ring. Which also got chamfering process treatment, to form a maximum contacting area. Other companies do not have this procedure.

Screw shaft ends will be processed to ensure the concentricity of the screw, deviation within ±0.01mm.

warranty 2 years industrial sludge dewatering machine

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