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accuracy class 1 sdm530 three phase twotariff kwh meter

Packaging Details:carton box
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accuracy class 1 sdm530 three phase twotariff kwh meter accuracy class 1 sdm530 three phase twotariff kwh meter


Quick Details

  • Place of Origin: Zhejiang
  • Brand Name: Eastron
  • Model Number: SDM530D 2T
  • Display Type: Digital Only
  • Phase: Three Phase
  • Measuring Energy Range: 161/2...
  • Accuracy Class: 1
  • Output Voltage: 230 / 400V (3~)
  • Operating Temperature: -10℃...
  • Dimensions: 126mm*130mm*65mm
  • Enclosure material: Polycarbo...

Detailed Product Description:
7 pole width,
Long time data storage
Easy installation
Long lifespan


accuracy class 1 sdm530 three phase twotariff kwh meter 

Brief Introduction

Eastron SDM530D 2T series are three phase four wires din rail meter.and SDM530D 2T is three phase four wires two tariff active energy meter.It’s for both single and three phase networks,measures active energy,supports a wide voltage

temperature range,displays with LCD and is suitable for installation in many applications.

It is highly accurate, durable, reliable, low power consumptive, without reversion, creep-proof, anti-tampering, and

bilateralrecording with strong overloading capability.It conforms to the related requirements of IEC62053-21, and pass 

EN61326-1:2006 and EN61010-1:2010 in world famous Lab. 


Main Features

SDM530D 2T has a big display window which could display 2 different tariff. The user just need to add a outside timer to control the tariff, which is very convenient and efficient. SDM530D 2T accurately measures forward and reverse power.


Technical Specification

Nominal voltage(Un)                                            230/400V AC (3~)

Operational voltage                                              161/279 – 300/520V AC (3~)

Basic Current(Ib)                                                    10A(Direct Connection Type)

Max Current(Imax)                                               100A(Direct Connection Type)

Starting Current                                                     0.4% of Ib    

Over current withstand                                       30Imax for 0.01s

Pover current withstand        

ower consumption                                                 ≤2W

Frequency(Hz)                                                        50~60

Test output flash rate (PULSE LED)                   400imp/kWh

Test pulse output rate (pins 8 & 9)                    400imp/kWh


Basic errors

Display                                                                      LCD

Memory Back-up                                                   EEprom

Data Storage                                                          20 years after power off

Operation Temperature                                     -25°C~ +55°C

Storage Temperature                                         -40°C~ +70°C

Operation Humidity                                             85%

Storage Humidity                                                 95%

Protection Against Dust And Water                Ip51

Insulation                                                               II

Ac voltage Withstand                                          2kV for 1 minute

Pulse Voltage Withstand                                    6kV~1.2μS waveform

Accuracy                                                                 Class B(Class 1.0)



Front panel                                                            PC inflammable retarding

Cover                                                                      PC inflammable retarding

Base                                                                        PC inflammable retarding 

Button                                                                    Rubber



Wiring Diagram


 accuracy class 1 sdm530 three phase twotariff kwh meter


1/2      Ia   IN/OUT                                    3/4            Ib   IN/OUT

5/6      Ic   IN/OUT                                    7            Neutral wire

8/ 9     Test pulse output contact       10/11          T2 activation contact





accuracy class 1 sdm530 three phase twotariff kwh meter

Length     120mm

Width      100mm

Height      65mm



 CE Certificate

accuracy class 1 sdm530 three phase twotariff kwh meteraccuracy class 1 sdm530 three phase twotariff kwh meter

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