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Product Name:

material waterproof industrial metal detectors

Experience:Established 2011 , 1 years OEM

material waterproof industrial metal detectors material waterproof industrial metal detectors

Quick Details

  • Place of Origin: Guangdong
  • Brand Name: TEC
  • Model Number: 5000
  • Detection depth: 0-7m
  • material: waterproof
  • warranty: 12 months
  • working mode: GND&Discrim...
  • display: High-brightness LCD ...
  • language: english/chinese
  • identify way: sound alarm / LCD
  • use: detect and distinguish g...
  • battery: Li-ion
  • Earphone: yes

Detailed Product Description:

Ground Search Gold Detecting Machine ,Gold Mine Detector , Underground Metal Scanner TEC-5000



Product Description


(our new update TEC-4500,with iron reject,can detect gold only.the same surface and operation with original one,it is a high quality electronic instrument, the system initialization process, after the expiry of the signal indicator on the display and battery identification etc. )


material waterproof industrial metal detectors

Main features

  • High-brightness LCD panel can generally displays the detected metal type according to the signal strength.
  • The all-metal detection mode is suitable for searching metal objects on the ground, and can be used as simple recognition of metals
  • In addition to LCD panel display, it can distinguish metal types by tones.
  • 11-inch disk waterproof probe that can detect in the shallow water.
  • Equipped with an external headphone jack ,connected to a single-channel headphones (headset-owned), easy to use
  • Built-in high-capacity rechargeable battery, a low-voltage t function, with charger, Worked continuously for more than ten hours when full of power.

Features Overview
Detection mode
Are full metal detection (GND Balance) and metal identification (Discrimination)modes, all-metal detection mode for all metal detectors are equal responsiveness, identify patterns in the metal, the 

only non-ferrous metals (such as gold, silver) reaction is very sensitive, you can rule out the iron.


Receive Gain
Receive gain function setting the overall level of detector sensitivity.Soil conditions in the temperate  regions, you can increase the sensitivity in areas with poor soil conditions can reduce the sensitivity.

Balance mode
There are two operating modes: the external balance and internal balance, the original time you use  the detector more moderate in the environment, you can use built-in balance mode. In most cases companies are recommended to use an external manual adjustment to balance mode, reducing environmental disturbance.

Parameter mode
System menu has a series of search modes to choose from.Including the stable, standards-based, sensitive type, user-defined type.The first three models to facilitate first-time users of metal detectors custom-based  detection can meet the senior user\'s preferences. Ensure that every user can detect a hobby easy access to company\'s metal detectors.


After boot the icons can be displayed TEC company and model, the system initialization process, after the expiry of the signal indicator on the display and battery identification, and cell phones, four cell Dianliang 
Adjustable in one of two buttons to enter the menu setting mode, 
1, operating mode, you can choose to balance and identify patterns 
2, parameter setting, divided into stable, standard, high sensitivity, user-defined mode, if the user does not use, so long as elections to the first three modes, the system will have some good arguments default 
3, the search methods: depth and the general search 
4, the critical point: the same machine as before, but if the two parameters is set when the first three modes can not be stressed, System Preferences Well, when you can only customize the settings, the sensitivity of the back is the same 
5, the volume can be set from 0-100 
6, the sound frequency is the same 
7, metallic sound point: non-ferrous metals, gold and silver three, and only when adjusted in the identification mode, to balance this menu is not adjustable, three horizontal lines show 
8, Alarm, there are two kinds of continuous and mutant 
9, in the mutant mode, the alarm can be adjusted 
10, alarm equipment, you can choose headphones wireless headphones and the general alarm, select the headset, you can adjust the transmission frequency to avoid interference with radio equipment in and around the11, the backlight time can be set to save power 
12, language, English operation 
13, the remaining power, you can display 0-100%, in the standby interface is divided into four cells of the battery power display 
14, have set the right button to press after the return to standby mode   



  • Max Depth:1~7m
  • Signal Frequency:9.6KHz
  • Audio Frequency : 400Hz
  • Power Supply:DC12V
  • Power Consumption:0.8W
  • Connecting Rod Length: 1.3m
  • Coil dimension:40cm
  • Net Weight:6Kg
  • Gross Weight:13kg
  • Package Size:800*360*190mm 

 Main Box

 material waterproof industrial metal detectors material waterproof industrial metal detectors

LCD display 2 working modes:

Discrimination Mode                               GND Blance Mode

material waterproof industrial metal detectors 

11inch waterproof Coil

material waterproof industrial metal detectors

Earphone & rechargeable battery

material waterproof industrial metal detectors material waterproof industrial metal detectors

TEC-GoldSpy / TEC-4500 / TEC-5000 with LCD display

material waterproof industrial metal detectors



Packaging & Shipping


Packing List,

1.Detector Host   

2.host backpack    

3.Power box     

4.1 PC coil or two coils

5.A Set of Detecting connection rod(2 pieces as a set)  

6. arm cup      

7.hand supports   

8. recharge

9.Signal wire

10.Product manual




material waterproof industrial metal detectors

packing by carton box,

Net Weight:6Kg

Gross Weight:13kg

Package Size:800*360*190mm 

Shipping methods

1 We only support world-famous Express companies (EMS, DHL, UPS, FedEx), faster and safer by Express,  For reducing our shipping fee, large size articles 

(Walkthrough metal detector gates, Xray security inspection machines, Needles inspection for Food industry, etc) will go air shipping or Ocean shipping.

The Customs

1 We will declare on the invoice that it’s a gift or write down a lower price to help you reduce tax.

2 However, you will still need to pay the tax for the products if the customs ask.


Our Services


Why choose us?


The Service We Provide - We Take Care Of Your Order

Quality control

1All products must go through four checks before manufacture processing.

2> Full check after every individual process finished.

3>Full check after production half-done.

4>Spots check after production packaged before shipping.

Punctual delivery time:
1>We put your order into our tight production schedule, ensure your punctual delivery time.
2>Production / inspection report before your order packed.
3>Shipping notice/ insurance to you as soon as your order is shipped.
After sales service:

1>We respect your feed back after receive the goods.
2>We provide 12-24 months warranty after goods arrive.
3>We promise all spare parts available in lifetime use.
4>We lorge your complain within 48hours.

OEM Service

1> we accept all OEM service,if quantity is big,OEM is free of charge,if not,we will charge a little OEM Cost.


1>We will make all efforts to accommodate your need.
2>If you are satisfied with our products, please confirm and leave your positive feedback. we will do the same for you. Thanks! 
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4>Welcome your suggestions. Your support and concern will give us more strong power to do better

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material waterproof industrial metal detectors


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material waterproof industrial metal detectors





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