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maximal analysis frequency 40khz(double channel maximal measuring devices for vibration

Packaging Details:Carry case with styrofoam insert
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maximal analysis frequency 40khz(double channel maximal measuring devices for vibration maximal analysis frequency 40khz(double channel maximal measuring devices for vibration

Quick Details

  • Place of Origin: Anhui
  • Brand Name: Rozh
  • Model Number: RH802
  • planes: one and two planes
  • Maximal analysis frequency: 4...

Detailed Product Description:
Dual-channel vibration analyzer
Route plan
Off route
cross phase
bump test

RH802 Spectrum analyzer is portable but powerful vibration spectrum analyzer developed by very experienced expert and mechanical maintenance expert. Offers some characteristics function, such as long time domain waveform, XPM,run-up/down testing characteristics analysis and on site dynamic balance measurement, It is an ideal instruments specialize in doing equipment faults precision diagnosis and single or double plane dynamic balance measurement.



  • The large LCD screen, simple flow chart, compact and light weight, more convenient operation.
  •  Huge storage capacity, can meet high-capacity data acquirement.
  • Wide analysis frequency (0~40KHz), high spectrum resolution ratio, can meet the requirement for precise and complex equipment (high-speed gear) analysis.
  •  Very flexible parameters configuration including high and low band pass filter, sampling length and sampling frequency, etc. Meet the requirement of data acquisition.
  •  Data acquisition base on scheduled or unscheduled are allowable, unscheduled data acquired can be store by sequence number or by measure point number.
  •  Versatile measurement and analysis system:
  • Acquiring vibration velocity, acceleration, displacement probes;
  • Measuring time domain waveform, spectrum, overall value and long time domain waveform
  • Measuring XPM, cross-power spectrum, phase difference spectrum, and measuring the phase difference between two measure points.
  • Hammering impact response test, measure the natural frequency.
  • Long time domain waveform similar to digital tape recorder, record as long as 2 Mb data, replace tape recorder. Transient data can be recorded, such as rolling mill complete rolling process, and equipment starting state.
  • Run up/down testing analyses, to track the vibration varies in starting and stopping.
  • Single or double plane on site dynamic balance, users can complete dynamic balance test comply with the tips;
  • Overall value, capture the entire changing process for equipment transient vibration, convenient to analyze the changing connecting between equipment vibration and technical parameter on site, the interval time can be set as needed.

Main technical parameters



Analog input


Channel 1:vibration(ICP accelerometer),Voltage(±21V AC or DC)

Channel 2:vibration(ICP accelerometer),Voltage(±21V AC or DC),tacho


Accelerometer, Velocity Pickups, Displacement Probes, voltage transducer

Signal range


A/D conversion

16 bit

Analog measurement


once,twice integration

Maximal analysis frequency

40kHz(double channel Maximal: 20kHz)

Sampling frequency

256Hz – 102.4kHz

Dynamic signal range



1%( 0.1dB)

Signal processing


Sampling frequency, High band pass filter, low band pass filter, Sampling length,users can set any value as needed.


400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400, 12800

Time domain Sampling

1024, 2048, 4096, 8192, 16384

Window function type

Hanning, Rectangle window


Linearity, peak hold




Long time domain waveform

Maximal waveform is 10M, maximal analysis frequency of Dual-channel is 10KHz, maximal analysis frequency of single channel is 20K.

Overall value

Minimum interval: 0.1 sec

Cross-phase measurement

view cross-power and phase difference spectrum simultaneously

Dynamic balance

On site single or double plane dynamic balance by Influence coefficient method

Coast up/down testing

with or without order tracking

Basic index


True color LCD, 320×240pixles,  contrast adjustable


22 keys


USB, 600KB/s

Storage capacity



USB 2.0


Rechargeable Li-ion battery, working Time (Continuous) >10 Hours, two channel working time >8 Hours

Charging time

About 4 hours




95% RH without condensate

Protection grade



190 X110 X50mm



Supplier Details

  • Anhui Rong Zhi Ri Xin Information Technology Co., Ltd.
  • [ Anhui, China (Mainland) ]
  • Business Type:
  • Manufacturer, Trading Company,
  • Year Established: 2007
  • Number of Employees:
  • 51 - 100 People
  • Telephone/FAX:
  • 86-0551-53351,86-0551-53351

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