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Product Name:

HER508 High Efficiency Rectifiers

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Supply Ability: 10,000,000 Piece/Pieces per Month
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HER508 High Efficiency Rectifiers HER508 High Efficiency Rectifiers

Quick Details

  • VRMS: 700V
  • Model Number: HER508
  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
  • VRRM: 1000V
  • Brand Name: LGE

Detailed Product Description:

High efficiency, Low VF
High current capability
High reliability
High surge current capability

HER508 High Efficiency Rectifiers  



High efficiency, low VF

High current capability

High reliability

High surge current capability

For use in low voltage, high frequency inventor, free wheeling, and polarity protection application


Maximum Ratings and Electrical Characteristics

500mW Zener diode BZX55C3V6 

LGE is a professional engaged in production of diodes&transistors manufacturing enterprise.  The factory is located in Shandong province.  We could offer free samples for your test.  More questions, please kindly check our website www.luguang.cn.

500mW Zener diode BZX55C3V6 HER508 High Efficiency Rectifiers

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Supplier Description

LGE brand HER508 High Efficiency Rectifiers is a products.
LGE is a high-tech enterprise design, manufacture and sales of a variety of health and environmental protection and energy-saving electronic components.
LG Electronics products: discrete semiconductor devices, piezoelectric ceramic material, frequency control products.Meanwhile LG Electronics also offers design and manufacturing circuits, modules, wireless remote control, and a variety of electrical products.
LG Electronics engineering team is focused on developing new products and new technology, to meet different customers requirements.And LGE four teams, including the production team, engineering team, sales team, traffic team.They work closely, always customers provide the total solution which not only provides a reliable electronic components, circuit design and technical advice for customers of LG Electronics.
The LG Electronics fabrication facilities are located in Rizhao City, Linyi city.To provide customers with rapid response and better service, LGE has set up a sales office and engineering center in Shenzhen in 2002.With superior engineering capabilities, huge production scale, strict quality control system, a complete sales network, high-quality, efficient service, LGE cooperation with customers around the world.

Supplier Details

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