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Product Name:

aluminium profile,aluminium extrusion,extruded aluminum supplier

FOB Price: US $ 2,600-3,500/ Ton Get Latest Price
Minimum Order Quantity:0.5 Ton/Tons except we have stock
Packaging Details:Each piece to be closed off by a PVC paper suitalble quantity to be bundled with paper or as requested .suitable quantity in export packing
Delivery Time:30 days including 10-12 days mould making after receipt of depos
Payment Terms:L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram
Supply Ability:300000 Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Year 600 TONS PER DAY
Price: Get Latest Price

aluminium profile,aluminium extrusion,extruded aluminum supplier aluminium profile,aluminium extrusion,extruded aluminum supplier

Quick Details

  • Payment: 30% deposit, 70% before shipment by T/T ,mould charges paid in advance
  • Application: industrial, machines,Ladder,Door and Window,Truss...
  • Color: silver, champagne, bronze, gold, black...
  • Model Number: Specific discussion
  • Standard: GB5237-2008
  • Packing Details: kraft paper and wood pallet or customized
  • Certification: ISO9001
  • Surface Treament: Mill finish, anodized, electrophoresis, powder coating, wood grained
  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
  • Material Price Variable everyday: Naihai Lingtong metal price
  • Temper: T1, T4, T5, T6 ...
  • Alloy Or Not: Is Alloy
  • Shape: We can produce base on your size and shape of such aluminum profile
  • Mould Fee: refunding mould cost to the
  • FOB SHENZHEN CHINA PRICE: (Material + process cost)/Ton
  • Grade: 1060,2024,3003,5005,5056,6063, 6061, 6082, 6060, 6005, 6A02...

Detailed Product Description:

Aluminum Profiles
1.Factory directly price
2.ISO,EN,GB... certificates
3.Various surface treament,colour,alloy and use widel

 aluminium profile,aluminium extrusion,extruded aluminum supplier 

Which Aluminium Profiles We could supply

  • Alloy:1060,2024,3003,5005,5056,6063, 6061, 6082, 6060, 6005, 6A02
  • Temp:T1, T4, T5, T6
  • Finish:Mill finish, Anodized,Powder coated,Electrophoresis,Wooden grain.
  • Extrude size:10mm-250mm

Technology Supports

  • Engineering design
  • Autocad drawing
  • Aluminium profiles deeply processing:cutting,punching,drilling,milling,dending and fabricating.

--Yous any inquire will get a prompt reply with 12hours from our skilled sales.


1.General Chemical Composition of the aluminum tube
Aluminum GradeSiFeCuMnMgCrZnTiimpurityAl
 2.Mechanical Properties of Sections under Room Temperature
Aluminum GradeTemperWall ThicknessResist Pull Point(Mpa)Stretch (Rpo.2 Mpa)Stretch RateWebster  Hardness    
 3.SurfaceTreatment of Sections
(Class)(μm),not diminish thanacid-resistant  abrasion resistance    
(Min-average film 
(Min-part film 

(f, g /μm)


 Introduce us

         we are the only one  supplier of aluminum profile to the China Beijing Olympic game 2008 such as the national stadium (the birds nest) and the National Aquatics. We have 300000 tons capacity a year. And fully fabriceted windows and doors as well.

Facilities30: Production Lines, 78 Sets Of Production Machines With Full Sets Of Inspection Facilities.

Alloy Property and Temper:     A Broad Range of Alloy(e.g.,6063,6061,6082,6005,6060.6101,6463)

Finishes Alternatives:

  • Anodized and Electrophoresis Deposition
  • Powder Coated:Liquid supplier AKZO NOBEL
  • Liquid Coated: A broad range of paints (e.g.,PVDF/fluoropolymers, polyesters, acrylics, and siliconized polyesters) Liquid supplier PPG
  • Mechanical finishes: Sanded,Polished,Grinded,Buffing,Blasted

Export Experience:10 Years All Over The World.

 aluminium profile,aluminium extrusion,extruded aluminum supplier

  1. Five 15-Tons Hot Top Refining Stoves.
  2. Maximum Billet Diameter: ¢320mm

Extrusion System

     aluminium profile,aluminium extrusion,extruded aluminum supplier

  • Shapes: Various Shapes. In Agreement With Design Draings Or Samples.
  • Maximum Cross Section Width And Cut Length: 410mm And 13mm.
  • Presses And Tonnage: 30 Extrusion Machines Imported From Taiwan And Europe, 600 To 4000 Us Tons.
  • Production Capacity:300,000 Tons Per Year.
  • Standardization :EN755,EN12020,ASTM B221,ANSIH35.2

Powder Coating System:  

  • Colors: Various. Ral colors. In agreement with samples.
  • Liquid Suppliers:AKZO NOBEL and ORICA.
  • Durability and Weathering:10 Years.
  • Standardization: QUALICOAT, EN12206,AAMA 2603,AAMA 2604, BS6496, GB5237.4-2004
  • aluminium profile,aluminium extrusion,extruded aluminum supplier

Fluorocarbon Coating System

        Facilities: One Vertical Coating Production Lines Made In Switzerland, Sprayer Made In Japan.

  • Colors: Various. Ral colors. In agreement with samples.
  • Liquid Suppliers:PPG
  • Durability and Weathering:15 Years.
  • Standardization: QUALICOAT, AAMA 2603,AAMA 2605, GB5237.4-2004
  • aluminium profile,aluminium extrusion,extruded aluminum supplier

Anodizing System

  • Facilities: Six Anodizing Production Lines Made In Taiwan.
  • Colors: Silver, Champaign,Bronze,Black, Stainless,Gold,Platinum,etc.
  • Maximun Film Thickness:35um
  • Standardization: QUALANOD,EN12373, ..
  •  aluminium profile,aluminium extrusion,extruded aluminum supplier

Self-Running Mould Factory

Production Capacity:50,000 Sets Per Year

CAD/CAM Mould Design Aviable

 aluminium profile,aluminium extrusion,extruded aluminum supplier

 Facilities:CNC Machine(Elumatec,Germany),Saw,Punchers,Driller,Miller,Copy Router, Profile Machining Centres,Corner Crimpers,Assembly Equipment,Etc

aluminium profile,aluminium extrusion,extruded aluminum supplier aluminium profile,aluminium extrusion,extruded aluminum supplier

Other products

Supplier Description

ZHONG TIAN ALUMINUM brand aluminium profile,aluminium extrusion,extruded aluminum supplier is a products.
we are the sole supplier of aluminum extrusions, the 2008 Beijing Olympics National Stadium and the National Swimming Center buildings in. Our annual production capacity of 300,000 tons. We also fully produced windows and doors.
Facilities: a full set of 3078 production lines, production equipment and testing equipment
Alloys and tempering a wide range of alloys (e.g., 6063,6061,6082,6005,6060,6101, and 6463) The
complete substitute: anodizing, electrophoretic deposition
: Liquid, powder coating suppliers AKZO NOBEL
Liquid coating materials (PVDF / fluorine-containing polymer, a polyester, acrylic, silicone polyester) having a wide range of the liquid supplier PPG
Export experience: 10 years
Gating system: five 15-ton refining furnace hot top
Maximum blank diameter: 320 mm
Extrusion system:
Alloys such as: 6063,6061,6082,6005,6060,6101,6463,7005,5052,5056. Shape: a variety of shapes and design drawings or samples
Maximum section width cutting length: 410 mm and 13mm.
Presses tonnage: 30 extruders from Taiwan and Europe, 600? $ 4,000 tonnes
Production capacity: 300,000 tons
Standard: EN755, EN12020, ASTM B221, ANSIH35.2, JIS H4100, with the GB5237.1-2004
Powder coating system:
Facilities: electrostatic powder coating production lines, in English, sprayers Made in Japan. Swiss manufacturing a vertical powder coating production lines, sprayers made in Japan
Color: various. RAL color sample
Liquid suppliers Akzo Nobel and Orica
Durability and weatherability: 10 years
Standardization: of QUALICOAT,?? EN12206, AAMA 2603, AAMA 2604, BS6496, GB5237.4-2004
Fluorocarbon coating system: The the vertical coating production lines, manufacturing facilities in Switzerland sprayer manufactured in Japan.
Color: various. RAL color sample
Liquid supplier: PPG
Durability and weatherability: 15 years
Standardization: of QUALICOAT,?? AAMA 2603, AAMA 2605, GB5237.4-2004
Anodizing system Facilities: six anodizing production line in Taiwan Color: Silver, champagne, bronze, black, stainless steel, gold, platinum.
Maximum thickness: 35um
Mold production
Run automatically mold factory The
production capacity: 50,000 units of annual
CAD / CAM mold design
Manufacturing system:
Equipment: CNC machine tools (Elumatec, Germany), sawing, punching, drilling, Miller, copy engraving, contour machining center angle pressure pick-up assembly equipment. Processing capacity: CNC stamping, precision cutting, welding, drilling, milling, grinding, boring. The
protocol sample or design / fabricate drawing production
Quotes as follows:
Aluminum alloy 6063 T5 or your request
Mold costs: When you receive your drawings and models of the cost will be informed order quantity returned XX tons (normal amount) in 180 days
Price: FOB Shenzhen, China
$ 3,000 / ton glossy
Dollars - 3300/TON anodized (silver)
Dollars - 3500/TON anodized (black and champagne) Of
dollars 3300/TON powder coating
Load weight is about 10 m / tons, a 20-foot containers, 20 tons, on the basis of the 40-foot container, gross for net
Final price will be adjusted to the South China Sea and well-informed price rise / fall and place the order and deposit receipt date will be fixed in the
MOQ: 500 kg per shape
Packing: PVC paper, each piece is closed bundled with the right amount of paper or requirements. The amount of exports and packaging Shipping: 30 days and 10-12 days after receipt of deposit mold manufacturing
Payment Terms: 30% deposit, 70% before shipment, T / T, T / T in advance to pay mold fee
Please visit our website: http://szztly.en.alibaba.com
You can find more information on aluminum extrusions for the purpose of building curtain wall, doors, windows, furniture, industrial, pipe, bar, and so on.

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